1. 坐標轉換 (Co-ordinate Conversions)

2. 兩點之距離及x軸夾角 (應用內置坐標轉換功能) (Distance and Angle Between the x-axis of 2 Points)

3. 直線方程(兩點式) (應用內置線性回歸功能) (Equation of straight line: Two points Form)

4. 分界點及直線方程 (應用內置線性回歸功能) (Section formula and equation of straight line)

5. 三點求三角形面積 (3 points to find the area of triangle)

6. 四點求四邊形面積 (4 points to find the area of quadrilateral)

7. 兩點的距離、斜率及y截距(兩點式)(I) (Distance, slope and y-intercept I)

8. 兩點的距離、斜率及y截距(兩點式)(II) (Distance and slope and y-intercept II)

9. 兩直線間夾角 (Angle between two lines)

10. 分界點 (Section formula)

11. 直線的一般式轉換為法線式 (Conversion of General Form into Normal Form of a straight line)

12. 直線與點的距離 (Distance between line and point)

13. 分界點及點與直線的距離 (Section formula and Distance between point and line)

14. 圓形的圓心及半徑 (Centre and radius of a circle)

15. 圓心及半徑求圓方程 (Equation of circle by centre and radius)

16. 直徑兩點求圓方程 (Equation of circle by 2 end-point of diameter)

17. 已知斜率求圓的切線 (Tangent to Circle with given slope)

18. 外點至圓的切線斜率 (Slope of tangent to circle from external point)

19. 直線與圓形的交點 (Intersection points of line and circle)

20. 三點求圓方程 (應用內置聯立三元一次方程) (Equation of circle from three points)  

21. 三角形重心(應用內置線性回歸功能) (Centroid of triangle)

22. 坐標變換-旋轉 (應用內置坐標變功能) (Transformation on coordinates-Rotation)

23. 坐標變換-反射 (Transformation on coordinates-Reflection)


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