1. 零存整付計算 (Target savings calculations)

2. 按揭計算 (Mortgage calculations)

3. 實際年利率及年利率轉換 (Conversion between effective annual interest rate and annual interest rate)

4. 修正儒略日 (Modified Julian Date)

5. 兩日期間的日數 (Number of days between two dates)

6. 星期天的計算 (Day of week from date)

7. 伽瑪函數(I) (Gamma Function I)

8. 伽瑪函數(II) (Gamma Function II)

9. 最小公倍數及最大公因數 (應用內置分數功能) (H.C.F and L.C.M)

10. LRC串聯/並聯電路阻抗 (Impedance in LRC series / parallel circuit)

11. 彈性碰撞 (Elastic collision)

12. 透鏡公式/球面鏡公式 (Lens formula / Mirror formula)

13. 合24遊戲 (Arithmetic 24)

14. 估數字 (Guess a number)


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